Tumor heterogeneity in Glioblastoma

In the era of personalized medicine it is important to understand tumor heterogeneity and its consequences for treatment approach and clinical outcome. Glioblastoma is a heterogeneous disease in which tumors contain diverse subpopulations of tumor cells intermingled with different stromal cell types.

Using patient biopsies and glioma xenografts in GFP-expressing immunodeficient mice, we are able to separate tumor cells from the host cell compartment and perform a detailed molecular characterization of subpopulations of cancer and stromal cells. Our overall aims are to identify molecular processes involved in tumour initiation and progression and characterize key molecules involved in tumour-host interactions. We are particularly interested in the influence of varying external stimuli and tumor microenvironments on tumor cell survival and adaptation. The project will also provide novel insight into the clonal evolution model and current cancer stem cell controversy. 

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