Dr Simone Niclou

Head of research unit

Simone P. Niclou , PhD, is Head of the Norlux Neuro-Oncology Laboratory and Head of the Animal Facility at LIH. Her field of expertise includes Biology of malignant brain tumours with a focus on angiogenesis, invasion, tumour metabolism and tumour heterogeneity. She has strong expertise in patient derived animal models for gliomas.

Since 2014, she is an adjunct professor at the KG Jebsen Brain Tumour Research Center, University of Bergen, Norway. 

Dr. Niclou serves as a representative of Luxembourg, as Council Member of the European Association for Cancer Research  (EACR) and has been appointed President of the Board of Directors of the Laboratoire National de Santé in 2015.  She is a regular invited speaker at numerous international scientific conferences, and she has been a guest lecturer at national and international universities.