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Two Successful PhD defenses in the NorLux Neuro-Oncology Laboratory

Middle of December, two PhD candidates from the NorLux Neuro-Oncology Laboratory successfully completed their doctoral theses.
On 15th  December 2014, Morgane Sanzey  defended her thesis at the 'Université de Lorraine'. In her project she identified novel therapeutic targets for Glioblastoma treatment, using a large scale integrated RNA interference screen applied in vitro and in vivo. The jury composed of Prof. K. Lamszus (Germany), Prof. J. Pouysségur (France), Prof. J. L. Merlin (France) and Prof. S. P. Niclou (Luxembourg), was impressed by the extensive and high quality work. The defense and the manuscript are not public since part of the work is currently being considered for a patent application.
On 18th  December 2014, Olivier Keunen  defended his PhD thesis on Medical Imaging at the University of Bergen, Norway, a longstanding partner of the NorLux laboratory. His outstanding work focused on the use of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and molecular imaging (PET) in elucidating treatment responses to angiogenic therapy in glioblastoma. The thesis led to four publications in high impact journals. His supervisory committee was composed of Profs. F. Thorsen, R. Bjerkvig and S. P. Niclou, and his opponents were Profs. A. Heerschap (Netherlands) and T. F. Bathen (Norway).
The laboratory is proud of the excellent achievements of the candidates.