MRI Research Engineer

Contract type: Fixed-term contract for 2 years ; Full-time ; Start date as soon as possible ; Career : Master

Publication date: 2015 - 07 - 27

Reference: CM/RE0415/OK/LRNO

Brief Posting Description
  • Participate in the deployment and operation of a newly acquired small animal Magnetic Resonance Imaging instrument
  • Implement new imaging protocols and pulse sequences as part of a research project on imaging the infiltrative compartment of brain tumors
Detailed Description
  • Develop procedures and protocols for the operation and use of a newly installed MRI instrument
  • Establish a quality assurance program and perform operational tasks needed to ensure the highest level of performance of the system
  • Interact with the provider of the system to troubleshoot problems and improve performance
  • Train end users of the MRI system, and provide assisted use for the acquisition and analysis of imaging data
  • Establish new protocols and develop pulse sequences
  • Complete assigned tasks in a research project for the imaging of the infiltrative compartment of gliomas
  • Review scientific literature and provide suggestions for scientific projects
  • Promote results by publishing research results in peer-reviewed scientific journals and/or filing patents and participating in congresses
  • Participate in the activities of the laboratory and integrate into the project team
  • Test new technological developments (cryocoils, PET inserts…) as part of a collaborative agreement with the provider of the system
  • Acquire high quality images for marketing purposes as needed by the provider of the system

Main professional relations :

  • Affiliation: NORLUX Neuro-Oncology laboratory, Department of Oncology, LIH
  • Functional reporting line: responsible of the In vivo Imaging Facility, head of laboratory
  • Internal: other researchers of the LIH, Administrative and Technical Services
  • External: providers of the imaging system, professional contacts and peers working in similar environments and projects
Job Requirements


  • Follow the organizational procedures set up by the Luxembourg Institute of Health
  • Respect the professional secrecy and the confidentiality of all the information brought to his/her attention during the performance of his/her duties
  • Respect intellectual property rights and refrain from plagiarizing scientific documents
  • Respect the ethical standards and the code of good conduct that are generally accepted in the profession, regardless of whether they are enshrined in a legal text
  • Respect procedures for working in Specific Pathogen Free animal facility
  • Report progress and issues to the responsible of the In vivo Imaging Facility

Replacement: In case of absence, responsibilities are taken over by the responsible of the In vivo Imaging Facility

Additional Details
  • Doctorate of science (PhD) or MR physicist/engineer degree with equivalent experience (Master degree)
  • Having a FELASA A or B certification is an asset
  • Strong expertise in Magnetic Resonance Imaging, protocol optimization and pulse sequences programming
  • Rigor, motivation, scientific creativity and originality, writing skills, conciseness, sense of priority and ability to work in a team
  • Languages: fluent command of English, knowledge of another language of the European Union is an asset