Healthcare Research Award 2015 for the NorLux Neuro-Oncology Laboratory

This second edition of the Luxembourg Healthcare Summit, held on 6th  October 2015, honoured public and private actors for their engagement in healthcare with awards from 8 different categories. An expert jury of 23 members, all from the Luxembourg healthcare sector, conscientiously selected the best applications. In the award category ‘Healthcare Research’, the application of the NorLux Neuro-Oncology Laboratory stood out.

‘This award is a great recognition for our efforts in brain tumour research’, stated Prof Niclou during her acceptance speech at the award ceremony. ‘I thank my whole team for its excellent work and continuous endeavours. I am especially grateful to Prof Rolf Bjerkvig, Director of LIH’s Department of Oncology, for his continuous support and for having made the adventure of the NorLux Neuro-Oncology Laboratory possible.’


The research focus of Prof Niclou and her team is on glioblastoma, a very aggressive brain tumour for which there is no cure. The group intensively works on the elucidation of the mechanisms underlying treatment failure of current therapeutics. The team has recently undertaken considerable strategic developments: the establishment of an in vivo imaging  platform, the conclusion of a public-private partnership agreement and the involvement in new national and international collaborations. Moreover, it has published five significant research articles between 2014 and 2015.

The findings of the last years contribute to an improved understanding of the mechanisms of action of anti-angiogenic treatment for glioblastoma and pave the way for novel combination therapies and for the elucidation of potential biomarkers monitoring treatment response. One can look forward to the future activities of the NorLux Neuro-Oncology Laboratory which now aims to focus on developing these novel therapies that target both tumour vasculature and metabolism.

Photo (Copyright Farvest Group): Healthcare Research Award for the NorLux Neuro-Oncology Laboratory: Dr Olivier Keunen, team member (left) and Prof Simone Niclou, head of unit (right).