Post-Doctoral Position in Cancer Genetics

Contract type: Fixed term contract for 2 years, full time, start date in March 2015, Post-Doc career
Publication date: 2014 - 11 - 18
Reference: CM/PostdocCG1114/SN/LRNO

Detailed Description

Main activities:

  • Carry out a research project on the genetic characterization of malignant gliomas
  • Prepare relevant manuscripts and publish the results obtained
  • Participate in the execution of related research projects in the lab
  • Evaluate research results for patent filing together with TTO and head of lab
  • Disseminate results through participation in congresses
  • Be involved in the training and supervision of technicians, master students and PhD students (if applicable)
  • Where appropriate establish internal and external cooperations for the implementation of the project
  • Establish and disseminate the bibliography to other researchers, students and technicians
  • Participate in the activities and objectives of the laboratory and integrate into the teamwork

Main professional relations:

  • Functional reporting line: Head of Laboratory (PI)
  • All scientific and technical decisions are taken by the PI of the research project in close collaboration with the researcher
  • Internal: the Norlux team, other researchers of the Luxembourg Institute of Health, Administrative and Technical Services
  • External: dealing with external professional contacts as defined by research projects
Job Requirements


  • Follow the organizational procedures set up by the Luxembourg Institute of Health
  • Respect the professional secrecy and the confidentiality of all the information brought to attention during the work performance
  • Respect intellectual property rights and refrain from plagiarizing scientific documents
  • Respect the ethical standards and the code of good conduct generally accepted in the profession


  • In case of absence, the researchers makes sure that a technician or colleague can  take over relevant tasks
Additional Details

Diploma, Scientific competence, Work experience:

  • Doctorate of science (PhD) in molecular biology, biochemistry or related area
  • A strong background in molecular biology, as well as a keen interest in brain tumour research are required
  • Significant expertise in next generation sequencing, array comparative genomic hybridization and similar relevant molecular technologies, as well as large scale data analysis are an asset
  • Rigor, motivation, scientific creativity and originality, writing skills, conciseness, sense of priority and sense of human relations
  • Languages: fluent command of English (oral and written), knowledge of additional languages of the European Union are an asset