Prof Rolf Bjerkvig awarded by the King of Norway

Prof Rolf Bjerkvig is the head of LIH’s Department of Oncology and at the same time leading the K.G. Jebsen Centre for Brain Tumor Research at the Department of Biomedicine at the University of Bergen in Norway. On 8th  June he was awarded the King Olav V Cancer Research Prize 2015 by His Majesty King Harald V of Norway on behalf of the Norwegian Cancer Society. This prestigious award is a recognition for his exceptional achievements in brain cancer research.

The King Olav V Cancer Research foundation, established in 1992 by the Norwegian Cancer Society, annually awards the King Olav V Cancer Research Award to honour Norway's most outstanding cancer researchers. Prof Bjerkvig is proud of this prestigious distinction that is highly recognised within the international community of cancer researchers. At the ceremony held at the University of Oslo he said: ‘I started thirty years ago with a small research group and now I head one of the largest in Europe in the field of brain cancer research. As research is always a team effort, the recognition goes to my entire team in Bergen and Luxembourg.’

With the aim to improve current treatment options for patients with brain tumours, Prof Bjerkvig built up and manages extensive research activities at both research sites to investigate the biological mechanisms underlying the initiation and progression of malignant brain tumours. The prize is one million Norwegian kroner which corresponds to approximately 113,000 euros. This sum will certainly benefit the research conducted at the Department of Oncology in which the NorLux Neuro-Oncology laboratory very intensively collaborates with the laboratory of the same name in Bergen.

In his emotional speech, Prof Bjerkvig also expressed his gratefulness to the Norwegian Cancer Society. ‘Building up this large research team was only possible thanks to the continuous support from the Norwegian Cancer Society for more than 20 years. The society means very much to me’, he stressed.

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