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Prof. Dr. Simone Niclou awarded for the best scientific presentation at the EANO meeting

Prof. Dr. Simone Niclou, Head of the NorLux Neuro-Oncology Laboratory of CRP-Santé and Associate Professor at the K.G. Jebsen Brain Tumour Research Centre of the University of Bergen, received a prize for the best scientific presentation held at the 11th  meeting of the European Association for Neuro-Oncology (EANO)  in October 2014 in Turin, Italy.

EANO is a pan-European organisation that represents all scientific disciplines involved in the diagnosis and treatment of tumours of the nervous system. It holds biennial conferences, which are among the most important events for the neuro-oncology research community. This year’s EANO conference was hosted by the Italian Society of Neuro-Oncology at the Lingotto Conference Centre in Turin and gathered around 2000 specialists.

The topics presented at the conference covered all fields of neuro-oncology: biology, pathology, imaging, surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapies, palliative care and quality of life. Prof. Niclou’s presentation resulted from a promising research project jointly carried out in the NorLux laboratories in Luxembourg and Bergen and exploring the metabolic changes observed in brain tumours after anti-angiogenic therapy. Her talk was entitled ‘Physiological and biological responses of human glioblastomas to bevacizumab treatment assessed by metabolomic flux analysis’. This work was also recently published in the highly acclaimed journal Acta Neuropathologica  (Fack et al., 2014 ).